2022 Is Here, and Here’s What To Expect

Welcome to 2022!

2021 came and went, and truly, it can be hard to believe that there’s another year in the books. The whole Promethean Team would like to wish you not only a great start to the new year, but also congratulate you on the tremendous successes you and your team experienced in 2021. Whether your fiscal Q4 has ended or is about to end, the past year has been one of immense change, both socially, culturally, and economically. The one constant, as always, is change, and that provides us with an opportunity for reflection and a way to chart forward in to the new year. 

With that in mind, we asked our team about things to keep top of mind in 2022, and also some updates, in general from the Promethean team.

NSAW for 2022 – Just a few months ago, the NetSuite Analytics Warehouse (NSAW) was introduced, built on Oracle Analytics Cloud and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse. We’re big fans, with historical knowledge of this back when it was Oracle’s on-premise software solution, and are excited to use this solution to provide our clients with new insights to enhance decision making in the near future. We like it so much that we have developed a whole practice around it, providing our customers with expert-level knowledge and revealing new insights for better decision making in the near future.

Better Accelerators – Our Accelerators program has already been immensely successful for a wide variety of clients, and remains a popular way for teams to get ramped up with the Promethean team. We can confidently state that we have a series of upgrades coming for our Accelerator Solutions, specifically for our Financial Planning and Reporting Accelerator. Stay tuned!

Enterprise Metadata Management Extensions to Accelerators – Clients with multiple systems often require custom and specialized solutions. To provide a more comprehensive experience for these clients, we added extensions for hierarchy and metadata management for our Accelerators via Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud Service, or EDMCS, to give some greater functionality. Now, clients with multiple systems can manage hierarchies for planning and enterprise resource planning (ERP) in one place, and we look forward to rolling this out to more clients this year.

Deeper Data Dives – Over the past year, we’ve recognized a fresh opportunity to provide more value to our clients. Specifically about how we can use the data that is generated every quarter. While our solutions provide great visual and reporting for teams to analyze, we recognize that having your solutions partners provide contextual analysis would be a welcome benefit. As such,  we’re happy to announce that we have added a data scientist to the Promethean Analytics team, allowing us to take our predictive and intelligent models to the next level.

Planning Solutions – As experts in the workforce planning and supply planning fields,  we’ve managed to provide tailored solutions that make an immediate impact for our clients. While we can’t give away too much (yet), let’s just say that in the next few months you can expect a big announcement about some enhancements and upgrades to both of our workforce and supply chain solutions.

These are just a few of the new things to look forward to this year. Have a great start to 2022 and let us know if you are ready for a new solution or accelerator to kick off your latest and greatest project.