Enterprise Planning

Optimize your plans & readiness for changes

Provide immediate decision-making capabilities to your business teams

In normal times, finance teams ensure organizational priorities are reflected in operations.  With extraordinary challenges, our clients need to optimize short term plans, manage workforce in detail and keep an eye on longer-term plans.

Promethean has deep experience in building finance-managed planning and reporting systems.

  • Flexible modeling
  • Scenario & predictive planning
  • Integrity & transparency of data
  • Complex currency conversions
  • Flexible structures & alternate hierarchies
  • Multi-step allocations
  • Pre-built Accelerators
  • Business team ownership & control

Faster, Higher Quality Critical Decisions


Short & Long Range Budgets/Plans
Predictive Planning
Financial, Workforce, Capital, Strategic & Project planning


 Analyze your forecast vs actuals
Multiple versions & What-Ifs
Compare to historical
Profitability analysis

Reporting & Admin

Executive dashboards
Class leading adhoc reporting
NetSuite Analytics Warehouse (NSAW)
MS Excel on Windows & Mac

NetSuite & Oracle Cloud

Continuously improving apps
Industry leading Finance BI tools
Business team focused
Core calculation engine


Cloud based GUI
Integrate other cloud applications
Data transformations
Cloud scheduler


Battle tested security model
As detailed as you need
User managed
Single sign-on