How We Work

Understanding before implementing, value before features
Our projects use SCSCORE-Fire-ORE, our complete solution approach.  It has the process and transparency to ensure your goals are met.  SCORE avoids cost overruns, focuses only on necessary development and meets go-live dates.

We rely on our flexible methodology to deliver small and large projects, be it advisory, implementations, cloud migration or training.



Step 1 - Plan

We meet with you to clearly understand your needs, challenges and goals

Step 2 - Design

Design a solution meeting your business needs, critical timing and technical requirements

Step 3 - Build and Test

Develop the solution, with multiple check-points for your approval, and complete testing

Step 4 - Rollout

Ensure your team is using the solution correctly and efficiently, plus cross-train your IT staff for ongoing support
By selecting the appropriate path within SCSCORE-Fire-ORE, we ensure:


  • A clear understanding of your business and technical needs/challenges
  • Optimal mix of project management, software and team
  • Designs & plans built in partnership with you
  • Rapid progress
  • No surprises! Development with numerous check-ins to ensure your approval and acceptance/adoption by your team
  • Appropriate but complete testing
  • Strong finish: Proper review, signoff, training, go-live and high user adoption

Solution-Based Iterative Approach

Solution-Based Agile Approach