SaaS Planning

Modeling for customer-centric business models

Enterprise finance – managing subscription-based selling

In an era where companies aren’t walking but rushing to subscription-based selling, it’s critically important to understand how your business will stay ahead of the curve.

Our SaaS modeling Accelerator allows planners to:

  • Model changes incorporating economic pressures from competitors
  • Model impact of churn leveraging cohort analytics
  • Model impact to MRR/ARR due to changes in Average Revenue per Unit (ARPU)
  • Identify true Customer Acquisition Cost and Customer Lifetime Value
  • Run scenarios for customer and revenue churn

A subscription model has unique advantages

  • An ongoing revenue stream
  • Less volatility month to month regarding revenue spikes and lows
  • New growth opportunities
  • Less volatility in cost of sales


SaaS challenges vs. traditional selling

  • Understanding your micro markets becomes tantamount
  • Identifying how a simple change like ARPU potentially affects revenue, churn, and overall profitability
  • Understanding the true cost of acquiring and retaining a customer
  • Sales team culture change from a sales-first to a customer-first mindset

SaaS Planning Features


Contract acquisition impacts
Waterfall views of Contract-to-MRR across years
Visualize changes due to churn

Acquisition Costs

Track expenditures
Allocate overheads across
product lines
Detailed cohort profitability analysis

What-If Modeling

User managed sandboxes
Sandbox variance analysis
Churn, ARPU, and growth impacts to profitability

Cohort Analytics

Compare revenue channel profitability and churn variances
Customer churn monthly trends & regional analysis
Product lines and price point churn analysis
Affect of churn over the lifecycle of a product launch


Interactive Dashboards
Multiple Reporting Tools
NetSuite Analytics Warehouse (NSAW)
Full Integration with Microsoft Office