Life Sciences Accelerator

Enterprise Financial Planning

An integrated solution to create financial plans and manage cash flows

Our Life Sciences Accelerator allows finance teams to:

  • Manage cash flows across multiple years
  • Budget clinical development stages
  • Apply multiple approaches for expense & revenue planning
  • Consolidate budget numbers quickly for instant reporting
  • Maintain control within FP&A to manage changes in business processes
  • Compare Actuals vs Budgets & Plans
  • Drill-thru to source systems
  • Use browser or Excel (via Oracle Smart View)
  • Integrated Financials, Projects & Position-based Workforce solution
  • Rely on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for enhanced performance & security

Life Sciences Planning Features

Departmental Expense Planning

Multiple budgeting approaches
Line item detail
Track Actual expenditures to Budgets & Plans
Corp and Project level detail
Functional & alternate hierarchies
Scenario Planning
(Multiple versions; variance analysis)

Position Planning

Corp & Clinical Staff
Open positions
Partial allocation to development phases
Pay type assumptions as planning drivers
Allocate expenditures to business segments
(e.g. Departments, Projects, Programs)
Planning for future organizational structure

Clinical Projects

Multi-year budgeting
Clinical development phases
(Development, Trials, Production, Post-Market)
Revenue Planning
Integrated with Workforce & Financials


Interactive Dashboards
Multiple Reporting Tools
NetSuite Analytics Warehouse (NSAW)
Full Integration with Microsoft Office