Restaurant & Hospitality

A flexible and customizable approach

A Foundation to create accurate Demand, Labor and Inventory Plans

Restaurant owners and hospitality professionals are tasked with a unique set of challenges that often require novel solutions. Promethean Analytics’ Restaurant and Hospitality Planning Solution takes a flexible and customizable approach that allows users to focus on the day to day tasks, knowing that their strategy is guided by our solution that:

  • Has a focus on guest-centric functionality
  • Maximizes cost efficiency and prioritizes revenue
  • Generates accurate daily Demand Forecasts
  • Links the Demand Forecast to Labor and Inventory Plans
  • Reduces Inventory Stockouts and Overstocks

Restaurant & Hospitality Planning Features

Demand Forecast

Statistical Forecast Modeling
Item Level Popularity Planning
Promotion Planning


Labor Plans

Hourly Resource Needs
Derived from the Item Level Forecast
Schedule the Right Position Mix


Inventory Planning

Demand-Driven Optimal Inventory Levels
Recommended Order Amounts
Multiple Controls



Interactive Dashboards
Multiple Reporting Tools
NetSuite Analytics Warehouse (NSAW)
Full Integration with Microsoft Office