Data Integration

Cloud to Cloud, Cloud to On-Premise

Whether it’s seamless integration and drill-back to your ERP or incorporating custom flat files, our team has expertise in industry leading tools to map, optimize and automate data integration jobs for your EPM applications.

Primary Tools / Resources

  • Cloud Data Management
  • OneCloud (Integrate any Enterprise App)
  • Enterprise Data Management Cloud
  • DRM (Data Relationship Management)
  • Groovy / Java / REST APIs / Python Pandas
  • Pre-Built Accelerators

Manage Critical Reporting

Enable your business teams to update and manage critical reporting metadata and hierarchies.

Align your teams with transparent and auditable standard views of the business

Load Data On-Demand or Scheduled

Direct integration to your Oracle ERP/GL.

Automatic transformations and mapping to your business specific applications.

Easily Integrate Your Enterprise Apps

Most organizations don’t know there is a simple way to integrate their enterprise systems and automate routine tasks. OneCloud gives you the freedom to easily connect all your applications in minutes, without writing a single line of code.  OneCloud can integrate data from all major cloud applications.  Learn more at

Complex Integrations

Custom coding to address complex integrations.

Build advanced capabilities to fit your needs.