Merchandise Planning

An omni-channel approach to maximize brand profitability

A Foundation to create accurate pre-season and in-season Demand and Inventory Plans

Brands face a constant challenge of maintaining customer
loyalty in the ever changing retail environment. We created the
Promethean Analytics Merchandise Planning Solution to
help you get there. This Solution creates a foundation that
allows merchandise planners to generate accurate pre-season
and in-season Demand and Inventory Plans and more:

  • Generating Demand Forecasts on your cadence
  • Create one consistent, Omni-Channel View of Inventory
  • View Open-to-Buy/WSSI Plans
  • Reduce Stockouts and Prevent Overstocks
  • Complete control of product lifecycle
  • Two-way integration: NSPB < — > NetSuite
  • Improve efficiency and accelerate time-to-market

Merchandise Planning Features

Sales Plan

Top Down Planning
Calculated Contribution Margins
Any Level of Your Merchandise
or Channel Hierarchies

Demand Forecast

Statistical & Trend Forecast Modeling
Price Planning
Promotion Planning
Markdown Planning

Open to Buy

Weekly & Monthly OTB Plan
Optimal Merchandise Planning
Adjustable at Any Level of Your Merchandise and Channel Hierarchies

Order Planning

Demand-Driven Optimal Service Levels
Recommended Order Amounts
Multiple Controls for Your
Allocation & Replenishment Logic


Ensures Inventory is at the Right Place
at the Right Time
Inventory Level Projections
Safety Stock & Min/Max Levels


Interactive Dashboards
Multiple Reporting Tools
NetSuite Analytics Warehouse (NSAW)
Full Integration with Microsoft Office