Planning, Forecasting, Operational Costing (+ Monitoring)

How many clicks does it take?

We believe that users should be able to put their plans together quicker. From using NASA algorithms to building in advanced features, we work with you to design a system that address your key planning needs using our SCORE methodology, applying our deep functional knowledge and user experience (UX) principles.

Primary Tools / Resources

  • PBCS – Planning & Budgeting Cloud Service
  • EPBCS – Enterprise Planning & Budgeting Cloud Service
  • PCMCS – Profitability & Cost Management Cloud Service
  • EPRCS – Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service
  • Hyperion Planning (On-Premise)
  • Excel Models / Smart View / Financial Reporting
  • Groovy / Java / REST APIs
  • Pre-Built Accelerators

On-Premise or Cloud-Based Planning + Budgeting

Manage your own processes.

High performance data input and aggregations.

Optimized designs.


Use your applications on the web and within Microsoft Excel.

Apply standardized processes while giving users flexibility for analysis.



Dashboards along with Planning Forms allows data reviews and quicker iterations.

Visually validate and react to your plans.