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Enterprise Planning

Predictive Scenarios

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Financial Close

Customize to Your Segments
Data Integrations with ERP
Intercompany Eliminations
Financial Reports

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Promethean Presentations at Hyperion Solutions Conference 2020

Next week, Promethean Analytics is bringing their experience and in-depth knowledge of EPBCS  to another online conference. Interrel’s Hyperion Solutions Conference 2020 is here, and we are excited to share our knowledge and know-how with you. Without further ado,...

Auto Predict and Predictive Planning – What To Know

Recently, a whole host of product updates were put into place by Oracle, specifically to the EPM platform. Most importantly, the long awaited Auto Predict functionality, which was initially demoed in the August 2020 release, is finally available for EPM standard and...

Higher Education and EPBCS Part 2 – Position Planning

In our last blog post, we examined how our Higher Education Accelerator is uniquely positioned to answer some of the fundamental questions that universities and colleges are experiencing on a daily basis. Namely, how to navigate the COVID crisis and provide...

Tailoring Education for Modern Times with Oracle EPBCS

As you’re reading this, private and public education professionals across the nation are wrestling with one of the most challenging moments of their professional lives. Instead of enjoying the final leg of their summer vacation, difficult decisions are being made...

Now Introducing: Accelerators 3.0

Promethean Analytics has, and always will be, a company that is driven by the successes of our clients. We take great pride in our ability to not just meet current needs but also develop and introduce innovative approaches to solve a clients newest, or most...

Boosting Retail and eCommerce Profitability – The Promethean Way

Behind the perfect website designs, the strategically picked real estate, and thoughtful store layouts, retail brands across the country are facing the same challenges. There are the obvious challenges, ones that are easy to see. Generating customers, launching sales,...

Three Key Groovy Resources

On March 23, we were invited to give a presentation at Interrel’s 2020 virtual conference, Uncertainty Planning: Minimizing Recession Risk with EPM. We were represented by Bill Reddy and Gerry Villamil,who gave their 45 minute talk and workshop session, “Your Business...

Anything But Fear – Modeling Past the Pandemic

How can one categorize the past few weeks into a few paragraphs? At the start of 2020, we were all filled with optimism for a new decade, one brimming with innovation and massive potential. Now, on a daily basis, we hear of closings, quarantines, unemployment numbers,...

SCORE and the Agile Approach

In our last blog post we looked at our SCORE (Solution Centered Rapid Execution Process)  and how it can be easily implemented to build EPM applications using the waterfall development method. But it wouldn’t really be a Promethean Analytics solution if we had to...

SCORE – Creating Effective Solutions via an Iterative Approach

With all business-critical projects, proper execution is essential to success. This may seem like a simple generalization, but the reality is that most enterprises are unable to get a project over the line in a proper timeline. This is the driving reason behind the...

Tested in the field

Over 50% of our projects use Accelerators – prebuilt applications to get your Planning, Consolidation or Essbase projects live quickly.  Accelerators have easily customizable processes with defined dimension structures, data integrations, multiple scenarios, business rules, reports and dashboards.  This standardized approach leverages our deep Enterprise Performance Management experience and significantly shortens development time.

Specialized Accelerators to Boost Efficiency, Revenue & Cost Savings

Merchandise Planning

Sales Planning
Demand Forecast
Any Level of Your Merchandise
or Channel Hierarchies

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Restaurant & Hospitality

Demand Forecast
Labor Plans
Inventory Planning

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Position Planning

Flexible workforce plans
Scenario modeling
Consistent structure
Integrations with HR tools

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Higher Ed Planning

Integrated Financials/HR/Capital
Advanced Position Planning
All sources & uses of Funds

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Life Sciences

Financial Planning
Clinical Phases
Position-based Workforce
Cloud & MS Excel

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SaaS Planning

Acquisition Costs
What-If Modeling
Cohort Analytics

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Business Intelligence

Integrated with Planning
Model your Business
Cloud or Excel
More Control by Finance Teams

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Project Rescue

Replan, Revise
Quick paths to resolution
Expert Mgmt

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