Food & Beverage

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A Foundation to create accurate pre-season and in-season Demand and Inventory Plans

In order to maintain brand loyalty across all channels in an ever changing retail environment, top brands from around the world rely on Promethean to generate cost-effective, efficient and user-centric solutions that:

  • Generates Accurate Weekly Demand Forecasts
  • Creates One Consistent Omni-Channel View of Inventory
  • Produces Open-to-Buy/WSSI Plans
  • Reduces Stockouts and Overstocks
  • Saves Time and Increases Efficiency
  • Provides Controls Over a Product’s Entire Lifecycle
  • Built on Oracle Enterprise Planning Cloud Service

Food & Beverage Planning Features

Sales Plan

Top Down Planning
Calculated Contribution Margins
Any Level of Your Merchandise
or Channel Hierarchies

Demand Forecast

Statistical Forecast Modeling
Price Planning
Promotion Planning
Markdown Planning

Open to Buy

Weekly & Monthly OTB Plan
Optimal Merchandise Planning
Adjustable at Any Level of Your Merchandise and Channel Hierarchies

Order Planning

Demand-Driven Optimal Service Levels
Recommended Order Amounts
Multiple Controls for Your
Allocation & Replenishment Logic


Ensures Inventory is at the Right Place
at the Right Time
Inventory Level Projections
Safety Stock & Min/Max Levels


Interactive Dashboards
Multiple Reporting Tools
NetSuite Analytics Warehouse (NSAW)
Full Integration with Microsoft Office