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Now Introducing: Accelerators 3.0

Promethean Analytics has, and always will be, a company that is driven by the successes of our clients. We take great pride in our ability to not just meet current needs but also develop and introduce innovative approaches to solve a clients newest, or most outstanding, initiatives. To better service and adapt to client needs in the current economic climate, we’ve made multiple noteworthy improvements to our Accelerators. This latest version (Accelerator 3.0) adds many enhancements to our...

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Boosting Retail and eCommerce Profitability – The Promethean Way

Behind the perfect website designs, the strategically picked real estate, and thoughtful store layouts, retail brands across the country are facing the same challenges. There are the obvious challenges, ones that are easy to see. Generating customers, launching sales, and upselling customers are common, almost daily tasks. But behind the storefront lies a truly difficult problem that almost every brand faces. Namely, a delicate balancing act of meeting customer demand at the perfect pace,...

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Three Key Groovy Resources

On March 23, we were invited to give a presentation at Interrel’s 2020 virtual conference, Uncertainty Planning: Minimizing Recession Risk with EPM. We were represented by Bill Reddy and Gerry Villamil,who gave their 45 minute talk and workshop session, “Your Business is Moving Fast, So Plan Faster Using Groovy in EPBCS”. For us, “moving fast” means more than just rapid growth, but also adapting to the evolving economic landscape that brands and organizations of all sizes are experiencing on a...

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Anything But Fear – Modeling Past the Pandemic

How can one categorize the past few weeks into a few paragraphs? At the start of 2020, we were all filled with optimism for a new decade, one brimming with innovation and massive potential. Now, on a daily basis, we hear of closings, quarantines, unemployment numbers, and, most sadly, an infection rate that keeps rising. While the most optimistic viewpoints have the working world returning to normal in just a couple months, that normal that we return to will be vastly different from the one we...

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SCORE and the Agile Approach

In our last blog post we looked at our SCORE (Solution Centered Rapid Execution Process)  and how it can be easily implemented to build EPM applications using the waterfall development method. But it wouldn’t really be a Promethean Analytics solution if we had to ask our clients to take one development method. With our main focus on providing the perfect solution for the client, it means we have no strict adherence to any particular DevOps methodology. Which means, yes, Promethean can use the...

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SCORE – Creating Effective Solutions via an Iterative Approach

With all business-critical projects, proper execution is essential to success. This may seem like a simple generalization, but the reality is that most enterprises are unable to get a project over the line in a proper timeline. This is the driving reason behind the creation of SCORE, which stands for Solution Centered Rapid Execution Process. It's more than just a good acronym, it’s actually a core part of what we do and how we can provide a holistic and transparent approach to software...

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Accelerators – Our answer when speed is essential

As much as we’re veterans in creating EPM and BI solutions, we’re almost overly enthusiastic about bringing these solutions to our clients in creative and innovative ways. Solving complex business problems, no matter the shape or the size, is what we do, and we love every minute of it. As we’ve came across a variety of different clients over the past twenty years, we’ve noticed some trends. More often than not, when a potential client comes to us, they’ve already bought into adding an EPM or...

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Multiple Presentations at KScope 2018

We'll be presenting about OAC (Essbase Cloud), Planning and Smart View custom applications in Orlando at Kaleidoscope 2018.  Join us at our presentations: "How Bonvee used OAC to quickly resolve reporting and forecasting requirements with 'push button' simplicity" Vlad Plotnikoff, BonVee Will Olsolvsky, Promethean Analytics "Smart View API: The Excel Force Awakens" George Cooper, Gap Bill Reddy, Promethean Analytics "Project Planning: Leverage NASA's Rocket Science to Automatically Populate...

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